What the ‘D’ in ‘3D’ Really Stands For

Okay, let me first start off by saying this isn’t going to be a giant post about me complaining the every movie coming out seems to be in 3D.

Because honestly, I love it. I’m right there with James Cameron when he says there will be a day when its standard and 3D is dropped from the title… much like we don’t say movies are ‘In color!’ now.

Besides, mathematically speaking, 3D is better than 2D anyway. The one thing that I hope is dropped, is the idea of using 3D as a gimmick. For instance, the new Saw movie coming out features a trailer that claims this time the ‘traps come alive!’ and has whoever is the new badguy popping out of the screen and snatching up a victim.

This is just insulting… ‘Shot in State of the art 3D’? Oh, then it must be good! Audiences aren’t interested in 3D as a gimmick anymore. At least I hope not. Its just better than 2D because it adds more dimensions, looks better.

There’s a fine line here, but at least the My Bloody Valentine 3D trailer has a certain, ‘Grindhouse’ sense of appeal. And the line “Nothing says date movie… like a 3D ride to hell!” always gets me.

But at the time of this trailer, 3D was still in the early phases of its big comeback. Saw should know better. Also, its about time for that franchise to give up. It had a good run but lets just move on… we’ve got the Paranormal Activity cash cow we need to jump on to next.

3D is the future of movies. At least summer blockbusters. And not this shot in 2D and converted later crap. Clash of the Titans I’m looking at you, you’re 3D conversion basically ruined the best parts of the movie, the action scenes.

I can’t wait for 3D to become standard in theaters. However, what I am not looking forward to, is paying that extra 3 damn Dollars every time I want go. Yes folks, 3D basically is 3 Dollars.

And then on top of that the movie theaters ask that you ‘recycle’ your movie glasses before you leave?! Fuck that. I just paid 3 damn Dollars for these. I’ll throw them out before I give them back.

Or, better yet, how about I just keep them and bring them back the next time I come? That way you don’t need to keep making more! That’s so much more ‘Green’! I believe the phrase is ‘ Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.’ I choose ‘Reuse’.

3D movies are becoming more and more popular because they earn more and more at the box office. But that’s also because they charge 3 damn Dollars everytime you go to see one. The glasses can’t cost that much… And no Hollywood, I’m not willing to pay more for ‘better quality’.

Hollywood would probably like to claim, “Well the technology to make 3D movies is more expensive” so they have to charge more. If that were the case then indie films shot on consumer cameras should cost less to see? No, Hollywood, you are just being greedy and trying to get more and more money.

This perfectly sums up my Love/Hate relationship with Hollywood. They have the money to invest in movies like Avatar which makes it possible for a silly little movie like Saw to be shot on ‘State of the art 3D’ but they also take the technology and squander it and misuse it.

3D, along with CGI, is used as a gimmick, as a selling point, a marketing trick when it should be used as a tool. It shouldn’t be the main focus of the movie, but rather used to enhance the story. I know you are probably thinking “How exactly does 3D ‘enhance’ the story?” Well, you could go super corny and be all like “The 3 Dimensions adds more depth and invites you into the world of the characters more, which in turn makes you care for them, because you are brought closer to them” or you could just accept that 3D aesthetically does create a fuller, more fleshed out world for the story to be told in.

All in all 3D basically boils down to personal preference. I’m sure some filmmakers will adapt to it and use it creatively. And I’m sure some don’t feel the need. Some audiences will gravitate to it more than others. I’m not going to try to go around convincing everyone that 3D is ‘far superior’ to anything else because honestly I don’t care that much. I simply think it looks nicer and wish it the best of luck.

But I will not pay out even more money for Hollywood to keep making them when we all know they can easily afford it. I was willing to for Avatar because visually, it was a ground-breaking movie, but as the technology becomes more accessible (and profitable) the cheaper it will become.

So let’s leave the ‘Dimension’ in 3D in, and the ‘Dollars’ out.

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