(Text Conversation) My brother and I’s ongoing love affair with RAMBO


My brother sent me this Text today, out of the blue:

KYLE: When you see the Universal Studios thing before a movie, which movie do you think of first?

To which I replied right away:


BRET: Haha I’ve though about that with other logos too.

Which is true. Its an interesting thing that when you see those little logos, there has to be a first movie that you saw that you so strongly associate with that logo.

Perhaps more on this later?

KYLE: Hahah Jurassic Park is my Universal. New Line has to be TMNT.

BRET: Mos Def. 20th Century Fox is Die Hard.

KYLE: No doubt. Lionsgate is Rambo for me.

BRET: Lionsgate is Saw for me.

KYLE: I know there are a bunch of Lionsgate movies before Rambo. But fuck Saw. Rambo is better.

BRET: Saw made torture porn movies marketable and ramped up the on screen violence for modern horror movies. Having said that, Rambo might be one of the most violent movies ever made. Stallone rocks.

KYLE: It was pretty gnarly when you found out the dude was laying there the whole time. Having said that, Rambo ripped someone’s throat out.

BRET: It was awesome when Danny Glover got it in that movie. Having said that Rambo shot someone POINT BLANK with a giant truck mounted machine gun.

KYLE: It was cool when that guy had to cut off his own foot. Having said that, it was badass when those people had to run across the makeshift minefield and the mercs said There’s nothing we can do and Rambo snipes like 5 of them with his bow.

BRET: Its great when that girl from Becker was in that movie. Having said that Rambo set off a bomb.

KYLE: Hahahahahahahahaha you win.

BRET: Since Rambo exists we all win.

Yes. These are the conversations we have on a regular basis. Some might think that technology is great because it lets us stay close to our loved ones and feel connected to them even when hundreds of miles away. My brother and I are thankful for technology so we can constantly be praising Rambo and all its gory glory.

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