(My dog Gibbs reviews) Transformers: Dark of the Moon is great!

by gIBBS

(Editor’s note: My parent’s dog, Gibbs, is a 6 year old Golden Doodle who at his smartest, is dumb as a rock.

(3) Brothers

My parents who spoil him too much, my Mom even gets to take him to work, have found a movie theater in Reston, VA that actually allows (and encourages) dogs as fellow movie goers.

They decided to take him to go see Transformers: Dark of the Moon because a 6 year old moron like him should love it.

Editor’s side note: In case you have a dog and live in Reston and want to take your dog to a movie OR live in Reston and have terrible dog allergies and are afraid of accidentally going to this theater… I made it up. Sorry.)

This is from when I drove a Bumblebee!

A lot of times i watch movies at home with my humans and they yell at me because i stand in front of the screen even though i am pretty sure i am more entertaining than whatever they are watching or they yell at me because i drool all over but its their fault for eating such delicious candy. But then one time they decided to take me to somebody else’s house to watch a movie. This persons house had a BIG driveway with yellow lines and lots of cars and this person was VERY popular because a lot of his friends were over and they must be really important or rich because their TV screen was the BIGGEST thing I’ve ever seen!

The beginning of the movie had a lot of stuff going on and i missed what it was called but i think it was called Robot-Fight Explosion and it had a lot of great moments!

The Good: There were so many moments in this movie that had me laughing I almost puked! The humans in this movie look silly. One guy had funny teeth! He was very silly acting with the main human and one man even was sillier! He talked really fast and acted like a squirrel! I barked at him a lot!

Action moments were very scary! I watched as these giant robots fought each other and it was intense! I can’t imagine what I would do in those situations but the robots would help me I think. At least the good ones. Some of them were bad and I growled at them. Some humans laughed at me and said “Its only a movie you silly dog” but it looked real to me. I think they are silly.

The pretty human girl had the same color hair as me! I liked her.

The plot was very nice because a lot of times in the movie people would be talking or clapping or cheering and I would get distracted. The people watching the movie were great! I would go up to them and some of them would pet me and I would run around and try to get them to chase me but they were really focused on the movie. So I would stop after a while and watch the movie as well. To my surprise I could tell what was happening and the plot and characters were still just as interesting!

This is me and my friend Leroy. He's great!

My favorite part was that one moment where one of the humans said this funny thing… it happens just after this one robot is in the road and these other ones attack him and the robots are going REALLY fast and the human is in the air and screaming and this dog came up to me and we were sniffing each other and i think i could smell grass and thought about the area that my humans take me for a walk and i smell the same thing which made me want to go for a walk because going for walks gives you plenty of opportunities to meet new and interesting people and they tell you that you look nice and pet you and then after the walk you get a BIG bowl of water and a treat and you feel really tired and and full and refreshed and you get to lay down and sleep. What was I talking about?

I think a lot of people will enjoy this movie because its fun and funny and exciting.

The Bad: The robots turn into cars. Cars?! Really?! I mean i LOVE cars, especially sticking my head out the window when the humans are driving one and pretending i am a super hero and can run REALLY fast but i wouldn’t want to BE a car. The robots should have turned into Dogs. Just sayin’… we are man’s best friend. I think it would have been nice and helped build relationships and emotions.

The Dogs: Sorry fellow canines but i’m pretty sure there is only ONE dog in this entire movie and one of the little robots rides him and says “Move along little Doggie!” I found this to be extremely offensive. 1) Dogs are not just objects to be ridden around and 2) I’m pretty sure that they could have more serious roles in the movie for dogs.

All in All: I can’t wait to go back to this persons house and watch more movies. This is the BEST movie I’ve seen all year!


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