(How to Kill Your) Horrible Bosses Review

Horrible Bosses Review
by Bret Dorman

Horrible Bosses treads some murky water. It has ‘horrible’ in the title. If it’s bad, it’s easy fodder for critics. If it’s good, it’s ironic. But first it has to be good.

The Plot: Three Guys (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis, Charlie Day) don’t like their three bosses (Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston) and aspire to kill them. Also, Jamie Foxx plays a guy with a bad name!

Horrible Bosses never really delves too much in to the ‘dark comedy’ one might expect where the end goal is to kill someone. Instead it tries to stay light and silly. Which is somewhat good because in most movies like this that have scenes of breaking and entering and spying, it’s easy to waste time with false moments of suspense. Bosses never really goes for those moments, but rather just chases after the punchline.

Here is a character by character breakdown:

Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman) – Nick is a hardowrking guy, shows up early to work and leaves late. He’s obviously and desperately pining for a promotion. But when he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, he decides it might be time to off the man he’s been sucking up to. Nick is the ‘sensible’ man of the group, who calls question not necessarily to what they are doing, but how they are doing it. Bateman plays him with the usual “Bluth” sarcasm and “I’m too good for this but not really because I’m still going along with it anyway” attitude. Like-ability: 3rd Place.

His horrible boss is:

Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey) – Not only does he not want Nick to stay where he is on the corporate ladder, he wants to make sure Nick suffers while he is on his current rung. Obviously you could try to compare this character to Buddy Ackerman from Swimming with Sharks, but that’s like trying to compare Harrison Ford’s character in Firewall to Han Solo or Indiana Jones. Spacey plays the role with a quite bit of reserve before letting loose. Its when he let’s loose we have more fun. He also poses the biggest threat to the group as a whole. Un-Like-ability: 1st Place!

Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudekis) – Kurt is a guy who loves his job, is happy where he is in life, and has nothing to complain about. Then, all of a sudden his new boss makes things a living hell for him. He decides that to not only restore balance to his life, but save his company, he must off his boss. Sudekis plays the character with a natural charm that doesn’t quite border on annoying, cocky, or perverted as other big screen roles he has had. He’s the ‘idea man’ even if the idea isn’t good, the others go along. Like-ability: 2nd Place.

His horrible boss is:

Bobby Pellitt (Colin Ferrell) – Bobby is a coke head moron who decides to make changes to the company for no reason as well as to save the company a few bucks at the expense of others. His coke habit provides a few laughs as does his apartment setting. Ferrell plays the character with… astonishing accuracy… Un-like-ability: 2nd Place.

Dale Arbus (Charlie Day) – Dale is a nice guy. He’s happily in love and not interested in the temptations of his super hot boss at all. Its sort of refreshing to find a character who isn’t just willing to leap into bed with a super hottie and stick to his morals. Charlie plays the characters similar to his ‘Wild Card’ role on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia only instead of being crazy neurotic he’s unconfident neurotic. He gets the jokes, gags, and laughs as well. Like-ability: 1st Place!

His horrible boss is:

Dr. Julia Harris D.D.S. (Jennifer Aniston) – A sex crazed mad women, she constantly harasses poor Dale, trying to get in his pants. Get it! Its the woman trying to get in the man’s pants! Jennifer Aniston is super hot. There is no denying it. Putting her in a role where she voluntarily lets dudes feel her up, dresses scantily, and half her lines are dirty talk is not my complaint. Its that its the most obvious route to the cheapest laugh. Plus her threat is sort of half baked. Un-Like-ability: 3rd Place.

In Conclusion, for some people, their biggest complaint about Super 8 this summer was that there was that whole ‘alien’ plot aspect. For me, I could have done without the whole ‘Horrible Boss’ aspect of this movie. The best moments aren’t when the three main characters are trying to kill their bosses, but just hanging out being friends and the way they interact. The premise is good and I appreciate how it was handle; there is no denying Horrible Bosses is just plain fun.

Final Grade: B-

One response to “(How to Kill Your) Horrible Bosses Review

  1. Finally saw this and got the laughs I was looking for in Hangover 2. These guys were hilarious! And your dad thought JA was super hot, probably cause she is…

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