(The Rise of the) CineMasters of the Podcast Preview

My good friend and fellow movie goer Kate Peterson and I have decided that the written word just isn’t enough to contain our love of film. We need to be heard.

Our Sophisticated Home (Alone) Recording Equipment.

Next week we will be recording our very first CineMasters of the Podcast podcast.

But its not just as simple as ‘meet up, record podcast, rake in the dough’. No. We have to plan it out and and pick formats and songs and movies to review and all that junk. Unfortunately we couldn’t meet up due to some last minute changes, so we used the internet to chat about our plans and show.

Here is the very start of the conversation:

Kate Peterson
hey! i’m invisible because i have a lot of crazed stalkers.

youre like Predator!!!

Kate Peterson
i’m kind of a big deal

that makes me like Arnold I guess

Kate Peterson
oh god, part 2 with danny glover was on the other day
it’s the worst

no it isnt!

Kate Peterson

i agree I dont know how you go from the testosterone filled 1 to Danny Glover!!! but the Predator is pretty cool and it expands on the mythology of that

Kate Peterson
i did like the new predator with adrien brody, but i’m in a minority

the new one settled for cool when it should have strived for badass
but it was cool

Kate Peterson
agreed. it was enjoyable, but nothing compares to the original

and Brody proved he can do ANYTHING

Schwarzenegger Vs Glover

Schwarzenegger Vs Brody

Kate Peterson
arnold did four things right: 1. predator, 2. running man, 3. terminator, and 4. conan the barbarian

i’d go True Lies over running man and conan any day of the week

Kate Peterson
i try to avoid tom arnold whenever i can
and dialogue isn’t really james’ cameron’s thing

i try to absorb as much of Arnold “The Action God Himself” Schwarzenegger as I can.
no but True Lies is pretty decent cuz its the most light hearted and fun i think

Kate Peterson
one thing i can say: they said vin diesel was gonna be the new arnold, and NO. that did not happen.

nothing against vin diesel
but his movie choices sucked and the movies drained all his star power

Kate Peterson
ha, yeah, i think he turned down xxx2 to do the pacifier
or maybe it was the second fast and the furious

which is a lose lose situation for him anyway

Kate Peterson
see, good stuff for the podcast! what sort of format are you thinking?

im thinking a loose format with room for tangents like this

So there you have it. Before we even started talking about how we were going to talk about movies we immediately and automatically went into a quick, fun tangent about movies.

As my good friends from Star Wars once said, several times, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

… wait…

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