(Writing This in) 30 Minutes or Less Review

30 Minutes or Less Review
By Bret Dorman

Most the time when I go see movies I see a bunch at a time and to write a review seems like a daunting task because not only do I go see one movie then have to write one review, I wait two or three weeks, see six movies in one day and need to write six reviews. So automatically I am a little backed up. Then count in laziness, procrastination, work, fun, and general distractions (right now facebook and the U.S. Open – Go Zvonareva!) and it takes a long time to not only get to writing a review but actually sitting down and writing it.

So I thought why not try to write this one in 30 Minutes or Less. Then I thought 30 minutes? Where the challenge in that? So I am writing this in 10 or less. Two minutes down… 8 to go!

The Story: Dwayne and Travis are two goofball guys and they kidnap Nick and put a bomb on him and then Nick recruits his best friend, Chet, to help him rob the bank or BOOM! No more Nick. Also, Fred Ward is a badass.

Ok, so this movie movies pretty quick. We get the set ups of who the characters are. Jesse Eisenberg plays the normal stoner slacker that we all wish we could be. HJis job is easy and he still finds a way to slack off doing it. Once the story gets in motion, it moves fast and quick. No time to stop.

Danny McBride plays the normal Danny McBride character but is greatly enhanced by the presence of hit-or-miss comedian Nick Swardson, who is a big hit here. Their timing and riffs are fantastic to watch and very funny. Aziz Ansari gets mostly expostion dialogue, reminders to the audience how much time is left, and general shouting but overall he is fun to watch and has some great moments. Dilshad Vadsaria is a pretty lady who plays a love interest to Eisenberg.

What I like the most is that the characters not only reference things I like, but talk in the way that the things I like talk in. Yes they simply could have just ended the references at titles alone, but instead all the characters are huge fans of movies like Die Hard and since they are trying to be like action stars they emulate those action stereotypes perfectly. This movie talks in the same way I would talk to my friends if we were trying to be cool or in an action movie situation.

Director Ruben Fleischer also did Zombieland and this movie is not nearly as visually ambitious or creative but I think the focus was more on the comedic timing.

The violence, especially at the end, when the characters start running into each other, gets a little weird. I’m not sure the idea of ‘death’ really disturbs anyone, either dying or killing someone. This is a movie that just blasts past the big stuff to move onto the comedy. Its doesn’t take itself seriously, but it could have a little if it wanted to and probably been a little better off for it.

In Conclusion, If you see the preview and laugh you will like the movie. It is just a longer version of that. Only way more vulgarities.

Final Grade: B

(PS Stay and watch the end credits for a bonus!)


One minute over but that’s okay because I had to look up names on IMDB and junk.

One response to “(Writing This in) 30 Minutes or Less Review

  1. This is no comedy classic, but it delivers plenty of laughs, thanks to a witty script and no less than five very hilarious performances. Good Review! Check out my site when you can!

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