(Here’s the thing) CineMasters of the Podcast Episode 1

CineMasters of the Podcast Episode One: Summer Review
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

When I write my reviews, I try to write them the way I would talk about the movie I am reviewing. The reviews are for the most part about one movie. But there is something nice about being able to talk about movies, go on tangents, and actually hear the passion.

Fellow CineMaster Kate Peterson and I recently recorded our first podcast. Yes, it is long (1hr30) but two things: 1) Enjoy it during a commute. Break it up. You don’t need to sit down and listen to all of it at once. 2) We review the ENTIRE summer. Want to know the Best and Worst of a couple of months of big budget movies in 2011? Well here ya go! Consider this as your ‘what to rent on DVD” preview if you missed out all summer. Click on the link below to be able to download the file.


The podcast will be shorter as from now on we will only be reviewing two movies and playing some sort of game. If you have any feedback, comments, or complaints please feel free to email us at: cinemastersoftheuniverse@gmail.com

Please include name and location so we can properly credit you if we decide to address your email on our show.

Next week we will be reviewing Steven Soderbergh’s zombie-free virus movie Contagion and Part II of “Movies We’ve Never Seen Before” Theme Review.

Once again please be patient with us on a technical level as we learn what we are doing. We promise we will improve.

For now, Music is provided from the Soundtrack of the Hit 2D Fighting Video Game Guilty Gear, Ky’s Theme – Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)

PS I know I say “Here’s The Thing” a lot in this podcast and I will try to not say it AS much but it helps me think and focus my train of thought. Most of the times when I talk movies I don’t talk about them for 2 hours straight with a fellow movie lover. Most the times its a quick rant and people just listen to what I have to say because I over passion them. So generally speaking I say it once per movie conversation, but here I do say it a lot more…

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