(My dog Gibbs reviews) Cowboys & Aliens is great!

the cowboys and the aliens

(Editor’s note: My parent’s dog, Gibbs, is a 6 year old Golden Doodle who at his smartest, is dumb as a rock.

(3) Brothers

My parents who spoil him too much, my Mom even gets to take him to work, have found a movie theater in Reston, VA that actually allows (and encourages) dogs as fellow movie goers.

They decided to take him to go see Cowboys & Aliens because a 6 year old moron like him should love it.

Editor’s side note: In case you have a dog and live in Reston and want to take your dog to a movie OR live in Reston and have terrible dog allergies and are afraid of accidentally going to this theater… I made it up. Sorry.)

At first I was really worried I would not like this movie because let’s face it, it has Cowboys in it! I mean, I like cowboys… but not THE cowboys aka the football team that all my humans hate. Go Redskins!

Game Day! Go Redskins! TOUCHDOWNS!

But check this out people! These cowboys are REAL cowboys! They have guns and hats! They aren’t posers like those other stupid heads. What a relief! Because this movie was great!

Also, the title was The Cowboys and The Aliens! Which is REALLY easy to remember and not hard to screw up at all!

The Good: If you like intense acting you WILL like this movie. I like movies with fun and friendly people and I have seen James Bond and Indiana Jones and those people are nice and charming but here they scared me a little! I had to growl at them before I realized they were good guys. Imagine how embarrassed I was!

I didn’t know what an alien was and here I thought they were very mean! I barked at them a lot because they tried to hurt the people I like and I do not like that. But the people were really smart and tough and fought back! Take that aliens! YAY!

My favorite part was this one part where this really pretty lady gets taken by a flying car-ship and then one human jumps up and onto it and then he puts his arm thing onto the metal and there something happens and they both get knocked over down into the water and when I go to the rivers and creeks I like to walk in the water but not go in all the way and my feet get really wet and I can feel the ground and dirt get on my legs and paws and then my humans rub me with towels which is like getting pet but they have to do it! What was I talking about?

In the movie the cowboys ride horses like this one. What? That's a DOG?!?! WHA-!!!

I think a lot of people will enjoy this movie because it is very loud and the people and the aliens both make growling noises which is a fun noise to make and easy to do. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

The Bad: I thought that this movie focused too much on fighting. I don’t see why the aliens and people couldn’t have been friends. This movie could maybe have been nicer without the fighting.

The Dogs: (spoiler) There is one dog in this movie who doesn’t have a name and there is one part where you think he might be dead which is VERY SAD but he comes back later and barks and everyone laughs! Including ME!

All in All: I can’t wait to see more movies like this. This is the BEST movie I’ve seen all year!

One response to “(My dog Gibbs reviews) Cowboys & Aliens is great!

  1. My people just watched this movie last night, I didn’t see it but I also thought there was too much fighting. Do they really need all those scary thunder and lightening flashes and bangs? I was thing to sleep and they kept waking me up. I had to make sure everything was ok many times.

    I did like the way people in this movie paid attention when the dog barked. When a dog decides something is worth barking at people need to pay attention.
    (Kim here, what Suzy isn’t telling you is that she barks instantly at lizards climbing on the outaide of the house wanting us to knock them down).
    Suzy again. Kim the human doesn’t get it. Nothing is allowed to climb walls. If lizards are to dumb to listen to my command to get down they must die, so please get out here while I have it cornered and knock it down. I’ll take care of it. Stupid lizards.

    Oh, sorry, from one dog to another I loved this review.

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