(Requim for a Laugh) Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star Review

Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star Review
By Bret Dorman

Honestly, I am confused why Bucky Larson, of all movies, is one of the few movies to get a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Is it bad? Yes. But is it the worst? No.

If anything, Bucky Larson was a grim reminder that my High School days of hanging out with my friends making our own fun till early in the morning because we had no real responsibilities are long gone. And that’s more depressing than anything this movie had to offer.

The Story: Bucky Larson (Nick Swarsdon) finds out he is the son of two porn stars and moves out to L.A. to be a porn star too! Also, Kevin Nealon is funny!

Bucky Larson is a confusing movie. Not because the plot is hard to follow, because it isn’t, but because it is a Rated R comedy that appeals more to people who have never heard of a dick or fart joke before and stoops to the level of big teeth jokes, that even kids who would sneak into this movie would be confused by.

Bucky Larson is content on the good wholesome character who believes in what he is doing and makes fun of him at every turn. He is not very well endowed at all and the joke is that people like that about him. He also is a virgin. Which is hilarious.

So Bucky Larson fails at the overall humor of storyline basic funny and fails mostly at the specific humor. Christina Ricci is decent as a waitress who pretends to be more naive than she is and Stephen Dorff is a super porn star who is super mean. Don Johnson plays a stupid character who goes for the easiest, laziest jokes in the whole movie. Kevin Nealon is Bucky’s roommate and his presence and commitment got the most laughs out of me.

So then what’s the point? I don’t know. It seems like this movie was more fun to make than it was to the audiences. Every once in a while there is a genuine joke that is funny (his audition for some mac and cheese company) but all around it was the easiest humor possible in the stupidest way possible.

And yet this movie is completely competent in its failure. Its got jokes. They just aren’t good. It follows ‘the formula’ one would expect and can predict the beats it’s just not funny. There are plenty of cameos (from the usually Happy Madison Crew) they just don’t amount to anything. Bad? Yes. But nothing about this movie offended me. Not even the attempts at humor. It just wasn’t good.

And yet upon leaving the movie I felt like I could have had fun with this movie. Back in high school, I had two friends, one named Eric Castro and one who we call Murphy (I still stay in touch with Murphy but like most HS friends have simply fallen out of contact with Eric).

Eric would always laugh at the stupidest shit. And we would watch the stupidest movies and he would laugh away. And he was infamous for ALWAYS being in control of the remote and rewinding certain jokes or scenes over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Yes. Many times. At first it was funny, then annoying, then funny for the simple fact that he could watch the same lame clip over and over and over and over and over and over and over and laugh the same amount everytime. There’s something oddly endearing about that. Also, Eric Castro became a verb for rewinding something you found funny. Thought something was funny? Just Eric Castro-it!

Then there was my friend Murphy. Oh Murphy… He was just an instigator to Eric. He would encourage him and laugh at Eric laughing at something stupid. It was an odd symbiotic circle. He thought Eric laughing at something was funny and Eric kept laughing because Murphy would laugh with him.

The Old Gang from right to left: Me, Noel Koo, Nick Johnson (Top), Murphy (Bottom), Eric Castro (Top), Ryan O'Connor (Bottom)

Movies or shows that I never really thought were funny instantly became hilarious because of their antics. And we would stay up till the wee hours of the morning doing this, playing video games, and going to Denny’s. Bucky Larson would have been perfect for them. It’s not that they would have found it funny on its own right, or would have made fun of it like Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or any normal person), but they would have quoted the movie and reenacted certain scenes (i.e. Bucky “seeing sparkles”) with more enthusiasm that the characters in the movie. Then they would have rewound it and done it over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Bucky Larson would have provided them with funny things to do and it would have been childish and immature. Perfect.

But alas now I am in Chicago. Eric is somewhere in the Air Force and Murphy is still in Rochester, although now instead of being a nerdy high schooler he is a Top 40 Radio DJ who has middle school girls swooning over him because of all the famous people he meets. The saddest part of Bucky Larson isn’t that it is just plain bad, it’s that I can’t enjoy it to the maximum amount I would have been able to since we are all now ‘grown up’ and have responsibilities and lead different lives in different locations. That’s the saddest part…

In Conclusion, I’ve spent way too much time and effort on a review for Bucky Larson than need be. If this: “Small Town Big Buck toothed idiot goes into porn and is laughed at a lot” doesn’t sound interesting to you then don’t see this movie. If the trailer above looks tame and lame, the rest of the movie is the same. If you are Eric or Murphy reading this, come to Chicago and I’ll treat you to a night out at the movies. And we’ll find some way to convince the theater staff to let us rewind the movie over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Final Grade: D

2 responses to “(Requim for a Laugh) Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star Review

  1. I remember watching Billy Maddison for the first time in Elementary school with a bunch of my friends. Comedy certain was different back then, I kind of miss it in a way. Not just the way jokes were told, but the way we experienced them. Ignorance really is bliss…sort of.

    But I dont think anyone, not even a group of crazy 11 year old guys, can find this movie funny. One of the rare occasions where in a packed there was only occasional laughter. I wish Happy Maddison was still awesome.

    • Exactly, Billy Madison is genuinely funny while being extremely silly and stupid. Bucky Larson is just stupid, but my two friends mentioned in this review would still take all the stupidness and use it and overdo it and be silly and stupid and it’s funny because they are my friends. If I saw two other people doing the same thing my friends were doing I would probably think they are childish and stupid.

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