(Not Including Ours) Top 5 Movie Podcasts

Top 5 Movie Podcasts
By Bret Dorman

CineMasters has recently launched its very own podcast. If you like our podcast, you may like these other ones as well.

Podcasts, to me, are something you listen to to turn ‘wasted time’ into ‘fun time’. Mostly if you have a commute you can turn that boring daily waste of X amount of time into something fun and productive. Productive in the sense that you are using your time to listen to other people talk about things you like.

These are the 5 I listen to the most frequently:

5) Hollywood BabbleOn

Hollywood BabbleOn, hosted by writer/director Kevin Smith and radio personality/voice actor/impressionist Ralph “Frank” Garmin. It is available on http://www.smodcast.com/channels/hollywood-babble-on/

(Side note: I haven’t listened to the other smodcasts so I can’t vouch for those although I do think Kevin Smith as a person and storyteller is fun and funny so I’ll probably get around to some of them soon.)

Their formula is simple, but kind of tedious. They start out with “Shoutouts”, move to “Emails”, then “Hollywood Stiffs”, then the main event, Hollywood News. All along the way they make fun of their listeners, topics, and each other.

There are plenty of tangents and no real point to the podcast other than listen to some funny people make jokes about Hollywood related things. If you listen to 3 podcasts and don’t like Kevin Smith/Ralph Garmin then its a lost cause, because the podcast is more ‘about’ them than the news/material.

One note is that this is definitely NSFW. The podcast starts with “It’s time to Babble the Fuck On” and there are plenty of jokes about dicks, vaginas, assholes, and the podcast (in its more later episodes) closes with a segment called “Liam Neeson’s Cock” where they go through jokes like “Liam Neeson’s Cock is so big it doesn’t shoot semen, it shoots spacemen.” Which is funny to me. (http://liamneesonscock.tumblr.com/)

4) The Q & A with Jeff Goldsmith

Jeff Goldsmith is a smart guy who’s only interest (in this podcast) is fully fleshing out the creative process from filmmakers. As someone who is interested in writing/making movies, this podcast is really informative and helpful, but it also is enlightening to find out why you might like some of the movies you like (or dislike some of the movies you dislike). His podcast can be found at http://www.theqandapodcast.com/

Jeff and his guests can be funny, but they mostly stay on tract. Jeff also goes into specifics because the best way to learn about the creative process is to do so with specifics. So I wouldn’t listen to a podcast until you’ve seen the movie.

3) Movie B.S.

Movie B.S. is hosted by Jeff Bayer and Eric D. Snider. They host it through Cascadia (internet?) Radio and are based out of Portland. They can be found at http://moviebs.cascadia.fm/

They don’t have a specific formula. They open with talking about movies and just wander from review to review, sometimes talking about other miscellaneous stuff, pimping their other websites, or playing games when time allows. They also go on a lot of tangents and make plenty of jokes about the movies they review. Their chemistry is fun and their energy is unmatched by the other podcasts.

I like the games they play but they rarely get around to them, which is a shame. I also like how they give movies ratings based on two different ratings systems.

2) Filmspotting

Filmspotting is hosted by Adam Kempenaar and Matty “Ballgame” Robinson and based out of Chicago (Represent!). They can be found at http://www.filmspotting.net

In terms of actual film discussions, Adam and Matty are the best. Their breakdowns of movies are very well done. They hold movies up to a high standard and both have degrees in film/writing/journalism. Smart, observant, and yet still able to joke around and goof off.

They start off with a review before going into the game “Massacre Theater” where they read from a famous script and you can write in and guess the movie to win a T-Shirt. Then they review a second movie (if there is a second movie to review) before usually closing out with a “Top 5” that is related to one of the movies.

Listen to this podcast if you want to learn how to actually get better at watching movies and enjoy intelligent discussions about film.

1) /Filmcast

/Filmcast (The Official Podcast of /Film) is hosted by David Chen, Davindra Hardawar, and Adam Quigley. It is available at http://www.slashfilm.com/category/features/slashfilmcast/

(Side note: ‘Like’ /Film (Slash Film) on Facebook to get updates right to your Newsfeed and stay up to date on everything Film related and see some funny stuff too.)

David, Davindra, and Adam are dedicated Film and TV lovers. Not quite as ‘professional’ as Adam and Matty but a little more ‘on point’ than Bayer and Snider. They usually have a guest of some sort from other bloggers/writers to writers/directors.

They start out with “What [they’ve] Been Watching” and talk about anything and everything. Then they move onto “Film News” and discuss important topics of note that happened that week that would affect film lovers like me. Then they move to their review. First they do a general review before moving to the Spoilers! Section.

The three hosts are able to yell at each other and get mad while still remain light and funny if they disagree on a topic. They are able to clearly express what they are thinking. /Filmcast has become an important part of my routine and I am always on the lookout for Bonus Episodes and “After Dark” episodes.

Honorable Mentions: Usually I am not a fan of honorable mentions because it sort of defeats the purpose of a “Top 5” but this is more about plugging things I like so I’ll make the exception.

The Tobolowsky Files – Hosted by /Film writer David Chen and Character Actor Stephen Tobolowsky. It’s more of a story podcast and if I were making a Top 5 Story Podcasts this would definitely be #1. It’s awesome. http://www.thetobolowskyfiles.com/

Battleship Pretension – Hosted by Tyler and David. I’ve only recently started listening to this one and it’s good. They get off topic a little bit too much, would would be fine if it were all movie related but it isn’t always that way. They pick one topic and review it in depth and only their recent podcasts are available: http://www.battleshippretension.com

Doug Loves Movies – Hosted by ‘comedian’ Doug Benson. I like the idea of this show. Get a bunch of minor to somewhat major celebrities or comedians on the show and discuss movies casually before playing games. But I don’t like Doug Benson. At all. So I rarely listen to this one. http://www.douglovesmovies.com/

5 responses to “(Not Including Ours) Top 5 Movie Podcasts

  1. Definitely agree with you choices, and as much as I love Filmspotting, I would be lying if their inadvertent pretension didn’t get to me sometimes. Both of the hosts are relatively old, and I find some of their criticism towards otherwise excellent films stems from a lack of understanding of modern cinema.

    The /Filmcast doesn’t suffer from this problem, and are without a doubt the best film podcast around.

    • I don’t think their criticism for some newer movies comes from misunderstanding, but definitely think they are a little ‘tougher’ on modern cinema. Also, I like their ‘pantheon’ idea and most the movies in the pantheon. (Something I’m sure I will ‘steal’ from them.)

      Also, /Filmcast is the best… after CineMasters of the Podcast. And I am completely unbiased in that statement. Completely… (shifty eyes)

      • Actually listening to your first episode right now (didn’t get the chance to see Contagion because of TIFF so I probably wont listen to the second until I have) and I really enjoy it so far. Only complaint is the audio is a bit low, have to kind of hike up the volume so I can hear you guys over everything else, but other than that, awesome job.

    • 1) Thanks for listening and enjoying our podcast! Yeah the first one sounds low, I think we fixed that for EP2. (or at least we are the same volume)

      2) I hope you think your own site is awesome. I’m with you on the fact that I won’t listen/read about something till I have seen it. But overall I like the design/layout of your site. Been looking it over and I think its pretty awesome too.

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