(Daily Journal) Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

Sept 24, 2011
By Bret Dorman

Last night at around 2 am I started looking for a movie to watch on Netflix. I wanted to watch something to remind me of Drive. So naturally I looked up car chase movies. I was surprised to see Dirt Mary Crazy Larry was on Instant Stream since years ago it was on the ‘Very Long’ list on my blockbuster Online. And it is only 1hr33 so why not?

The first time I saw this movie it was on the recommendation of Quentin Tarantino. This was supposedly one of his favorite car chase movies and indeed it seems to be on a lot of Top 10 lists. I have to say I wasn’t impressed. I found it to be quite uneventful and the girl, Mary, to be quite annoying.

Having seen it now though, there is something about it’s simplicity that engaged me further. The subtle and not so subtle performances of it’s three main actors. The fact that most of this movie is spent in a car (or fixing a car) is appealing as well. Not too many movies are so dedicated to one simple concept.

And the second time around I did not find it slow but rather a well shot movie and I didn’t find Mary as annoying so much as this oddly eccentric muse. Her bond with her two reluctant and un-willing captors reminded me of A Band of Outsiders. It was never quite clear who she would end up with. Her chemistry with Larry was explosive but Deke was more controlled and nicer.

The dialogue was filled with silly outdated Terms of Coolness but was still hyper-aware of its own vocabulary. This was a kind of movie that could get away with corny dialogue because that’s how people really talk when they are trying to be cool.

As someone right now who is looking for a job I found this movie to be like a strange fantasy dream I would have after a day of filling out online applications and walking around handing out resumes. Of course that’s if I had a Red Bull right before I went to bed as well. The three main characters were all their own bosses and free to do whatever they wanted. It’s something every person wishes they had.

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. A great Car Movie with some exciting chases and odd relationships and personal dynamics. Netflix Instant Stream. Check it out!

Discussion: What would your perfect getaway car be? Who would you you want to be your celebrity partner in crime? Who would you want your celebrity ‘annoying Muse’ to be?

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