(Episode 3 of) CineMasters of the Podcast

CMofP Episode 3: Drive/Godfather 3
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

This weeks agenda:

Greetings: Start! – 1:30
Drive Review: 1:30 – 25:40
Drive Spoilers!: 26:40 – 43:50
Fun Time (20 Questions, 2 Movies2Actors2Games): 43:50 – 1:13:00
“Movies We’ve Never Seen Before” The Godfather Part III: 1:13:00 – 1:32:30
Misc: 1:32:30 – 1:40:00

To get the episode just copy and paste the link below and download Episode 2:


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Next week we will be reviewing the Action Extravaganza Killer Elite as well as “Movies We’ve Never Seen Before” Theme Movie Schindler’s List.

Thanks for enjoying!

2 responses to “(Episode 3 of) CineMasters of the Podcast

  1. Spoilers for Drive, but in terms of the end I’m definitely of the opinion that Gosling dies. Getting stabbed in the stomach isn’t exactly something you recover from without immediate medical attention, and he didn’t seem like he was in too much of a hurry to get to the hospital. It would make sense for the character to resign himself to the fact that he’s probably going to die, and choose to spend the last moments of his life doing the only thing he’s ever felt good about doing: driving.

    I too can’t get Nightcall out of my head, I’ve probably listened to it 30-something times at this point. Really love the way it’s used in the film. (It’s also the source of one of the coolest uses of a lightswitch in a movie. Not sure if you were able to catch that little visual flair as Gosling left his apartment and the base of the song kicked in when he flipped off the light, but I loved it.)

    I would totally watch “The Book of Revelations: Chicago”, but would suggest a slight title change to something along the lines of “The Book of Revelations: Chicago: The Dance of The Demons: With Swords”. You can never have too many subtitles. Also, Dave Grohl is definitely my favourite movie devil (The Pick of Destiny)

    Really like the podcast so far guys, keep up the good work! Audio volume was definitely better in this one. If you ever need a guest host, feel free to ask!

    • Ryan, thanks for all the comments and feedback.

      (Some spoilers for Drive below))

      If I knew how to do phone stuff I could see having a guest or guest host for some episodes.

      Feel free to emial us at cinemastersoftheuniverse@gmail.com to continue to the Drive conversation since it is all about the end…

      As far as the ending for Drive goes, we did say we are throwing out the real medical ending. People have fallen out of planes from thousands of feet up and survived. People have been mauled by animals and survived. We don’t know exactly where Driver got stabbed and its possible that he could survive. That’s not the point. The point is that whether or not he is literally dead or alive, his relationship with Irene is over and that’s the end of the story. And from a story point of view I like to think he is still out there, being a ‘hero’ to protect innocence.

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