(Final Grade Solid) The Caller Review

The Caller Review
By Kate Peterson

The Caller is a horror film directed by Matthew Parkhill and starring Rachel Lefevre and Stephen Moyer, about a divorcee named Mary (Lefevre) who moves to a creepy old apartment. Once moved in, Mary starts getting phone calls from a lonely woman from the past (on a landline of course, because ghosts and worm holes are all like, ‘F*ck cell phones!’). As the phone calls progress and get more frightening, she seeks the help of a local hunk/teacher/scientist (Moyer) to hash out the unbelievableness that is happening to her.
Points for some originality in the plot, a lot of the twists they come up with in this movie were spooky and fresh (while far, far reaching).

The performances by Lefevre and Moyer are good enough, but the real fun is in Lorna Raver (old gypsy lady from Drag Me To Hell!!!) as Rose, the lonely lady from decades past with slightly psychopathic tendencies. The script is kind of silly, but hey, it’s low budget and also, well, a horror movie. All in all, I recommend this flick, because it’s hard times for horror right now and this is probably the least cheesetastic scary movie you’ll get for your money this year.

Solid B.

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