(My dog Gibbs reviews) Moneyball is great!

Money ball
by gIBBS

(Editor’s note: My parent’s dog, Gibbs, is a 6 year old Golden Doodle who at his smartest, is dumb as a rock.

(3) Brothers

My parents who spoil him too much, my Mom even gets to take him to work, have found a movie theater in Reston, VA that actually allows (and encourages) dogs as fellow movie goers.

They decided to take him to go see Moneyball because a 6 year old moron like him should love it.

Editor’s side note: In case you have a dog and live in Reston and want to take your dog to a movie OR live in Reston and have terrible dog allergies and are afraid of accidentally going to this theater… I made it up. Sorry.)

I can not tell you how excited I was to see this movie! I love chasing balls. They are probably my third favorite thing to chase. Third to sticks and small children. Clearly this movie was going to be a blast!

Besides, baseball is America’s pastime so that obviously is a good thing and Brad Pitt is in this movie and I see him on a lot of things so that is good too.

I go to movies and baseballs!

The Good: Sometimes baseball is really confusing and I don’t know what is going on. I don’t understand why they make so many rules. Hit the ball and chase it! But here a lot of baseball was made clear and it was easy to follow even though sometimes it is hard to pay attention because there are very tense moments in this movie where characters are holding a ball and I am just waiting for them to throw it.

Brad Pitt is a very funny human and he likes to eat a lot of food. I like to eat a lot of food! He has blondish hair and I have blondish hair! I think we could be best friends.

My favorite part was this one scene where Brad Pitt was on the phone with the other human and they were trying to do baseball deals and they were whispering to each other and when people are on the phone whispering sometimes I like to bark really loud because I think if you have something nice to say everyone should hear it and I only say nice things about people so I like to be as loud as possible but then my humans will yell at me and try to get me to stop but I don’t pay attention to them sometime because they are silly and I don’t know how phones work anyway. What was I talking about?

I think a lot of people will enjoy this movie because it is about winning and people like that stuff.

In football its called referee but in baseball and tennis its called umpire.

The Bad: There is a lot of talking and sometimes it is nice to listen to but sometimes can be a little too much. Also, for the record, tennis balls bounce much better than base balls and are easier to see. I think if they did this same movie but with tennis it might be just a little better.

The Dogs: Sorry fellow canines. I don’t think there was one dog in this movie! The only thing I have for us is this is about the underDOGS! YAY!

All in All: I can’t wait to see more movies like this. This is the BEST movie I’ve seen all year!

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