What’s Your Number? Review

What’s Your Number? Review
By Kate Peterson

What you will learn about me as I post more of these reviews, Anonymous Review Reader, is that I am not a fan of the love story. I’m too cynical. If something comes along that’s simply too good in all its other elements, and happens to also be a love story, I will enjoy it. I wish that were true of this movie.
What do you get when you take a little “27 Dresses”, a dash of “Something Borrowed”, and a smidge of “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” and mix it all together (and then take a bite)? If you guessed recycled garbage vomit, then you get where I’m coming from. This movie is recycled garbage vomit.

“What’s Your Number” is a movie starring Anna Farris as Ally Darling, a clumsy, silly girl with a suspiciously great Boston apartment who has bad luck when it comes to love. She plays second fiddle to her pretty, successful, engaged sister Daisy (played by Ari Graynor) and is a constant disappointment to her overbearing, crazyfied mother (played by uber talented Blythe Danner). Ally reads a magazine article that says she has had relationships with too many men, and implies that she will not find a lasting relationship ever again if she hasn’t already met “The One”(Not to be confused with the Jet Li movie). Ally begs her neighbor Colin (played by Chris Evans) who has a knack for finding people, to help her track down her ex lovers in exchange for letting him hide out in her apartment until his “last night’s hookup” leaves. This movie follows the same roadmap that all these cookie-cutter romantic comedies draw out (and still gets it wrong):
1. Girl looks for love in the wrong places
2. Disappointed mother (ex: when are YOU getting married? God knows that’s all any women want anywhere!)
3. Friends who give bad advice about the guy she SHOULD really end up with
4. Charming guy practically wearing a sign that says, “I am the man of your dreams, right here, in front of you, if you’d only look!” whom she doesn’t get along with at first.
5. Less than LOLtastic shenanigans in a bridesmaid dress.

Anna Farris is perfectly capable of being funny and engaging, but this was just not a good vehicle for her. The only redeeming aspect of this film was Chris Evans’ performance as Colin Shea. Evans is the only one on screen that seems to be having fun, and let’s be honest, he’s fun to watch.
Do your brain a favor though, and skip this one. Watch Bridesmaids again instead.

F. Epic movie fail.

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