(My dog Gibbs reviews) The Muppets Show Movie is Great!

The Muppet’s Show The Movie
by gIBBS

(Editor’s note: My parent’s dog, Gibbs, is a 6 year old Golden Doodle who at his smartest, is dumb as a rock.

(3) Brothers

My parents who spoil him too much, my Mom even gets to take him to work, have found a movie theater in Reston, VA that actually allows (and encourages) dogs as fellow movie goers.

They decided to take him to go see The Muppets because a 6 year old moron like him should love it.

Editor’s side note: In case you have a dog and live in Reston and want to take your dog to a movie OR live in Reston and have terrible dog allergies and are afraid of accidentally going to this theater… I made it up. Sorry.)

This is that movie I saw!!!

I can not tell you how excited I was to see this movie! For those of you who don’t know I am only 6 years old! I think I do quite a bit for a six year old. I have a job I go to where I play with other dogs and sleep under a desk. I volunteered by letting mentally handicapped humans play with me. I currently volunteer and go to the library and let humans read books to me. I can’t read myself, but I manage to type these reviews and use Google Translator (Golden Doodle -> Movie Critic) and put them on a website for millions of thousands of dozens of people to see!

One thing I have not done is see a The Muppets movie at a theater. I love people. I think everyone is great and I love the great things everyone is capable of. I love it when people are really passionate about something and do their best at something, especially when that something is petting me! Right behind the ears.

The Muppets also bring out the best in everyone and people love them and do their best around them too. And they are all animals like me, except the ones that are people or weirdoes.

I learned a lot that day. Where do you volunteer?

The Good: Everything in this movie is good. It’s very nice and nobody yells except for the frog sometimes and the guy with chains who plays drums, and the pig does karate and chops. But overall it is very silly and nice! There are lots of moments where the humans on screen would say something and then the humans in the theater would laugh and I would bark! I love you all!

Rowlf the Dog is obviously the best Muppet. He is a good dog and a good friend. I also think the other Muppets are the best because they act very well together on screen together. I can also relate to a human brother having a non human brother!

My favorite part was this one scene where the human brother and the Muppet brother were singing and dancing and everyone joined in and I tried dancing but just started running around and then I saw this piece of fur behind me and thought that another dog that was smaller and skinnier was chasing me maybe to ATTACK me so I turned and tried to chase him and when I turned he followed right behind me and so I kept turning and turning and I got really dizzy but when I finally caught him and bit down it hurt me and I let go and layed down because I was so tired and confused. What was I talking about?

My "Muppet Shot". Bust Shot of me with no humans present...

I think a lot of people will enjoy this movie because it is about friendship and being nice to others and smiling!

The Bad: The only bad thing is now I want to see more and I wonder if they are going to do another Muppets 2 movie or a tv show or maybe they can come over to our house and play?

The Dogs: There are a lot of animals! Too many to name! Rowlf is one dog and I don’t know if there are any more in the movie but I do know there weren’t any cats! Even the Muppets chase away all the cats I guess!

All in All: I can’t wait to see more movies like this. This is the BEST movie I’ve seen all year!

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