(Episode 15 of) Cinema Smackdown!

Cinema Smackdown 15: Sherlock Holmes 2/Ichi the Killer
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

Both Bret and Kate are big fans of Robert Downey Jr. He dominates the screen as Sherlock Holme-Boy. Here is another movie where RDJr excels along with Val Kilmer (also at the top of his game):

This weeks agenda:

Greetings: Start! – 1:25
Sherlock Holmes 2 Review: 1:25 – 23:00
Sherlock Holmes 2 Spoilers!: 23:00 – 32:30
Fun Time (Tagline Takedown, Genre sMash): 32:30 – 57:10
“Asian Extreme” Ichi the Killer Review: 57:10 – 1:21:50
Misc: 1:21:50 – 1:37:35

To get the episode just click the link below and download Episode 15:

Cinema Smackdown Episode 15

CineMasters of the Universe/Podcast is now Cinema Punch/Smackdown! We hope y’all enjoy the new setup with the same old fun!

Here is the link the /Filmcast’s discussion of SH2. In our podcast, I mention someone as saying “A movie can only be as smart as its screenwriters”. I heard Adam Quigley say that in their discussion of the first Sherlock Holmes movie. Also, this is where I first heard the observation about the Guy Ritchie/Matthew Vaughn (respective, and perhaps correlated?) decline/rise:

Also mentioned, Matt Singer’s Movie Etiquette Manifesto (not available on IFC.com anymore):

Ichi the Killer has lots of brutal torture. Kate struggles to find the humor in it all, as many of you listeners might. But here is one torture scene we should all be able to squirm… and laugh at. Ace Venturea asks… “Vhere, iz, ze baht?” and miraculously he doesn’t ask it from his butthole:

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Next week we will be reviewing the Non-Stop Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol as well as “Asian Extreme” Theme Review I Saw The Devil.

Thanks for enjoying!

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