(Episode 25 of) Cinema Smackdown!

Cinema Smackdown 25: John Carter/Once Upon A Time in the West
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

John Carter goes to Mars and doesn’t fight a lot. We ALL know there’s only one man who can go to Mars and kick some major ass. The Action God Himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. We’ve ALL seen the movie I’m sure. And I’m sure we ALL know how DVD commentaries work. ALL of us but The Action God Himself that is. Watch as He explains what you’re watching to you:

We are going to try something new. We here at Cinema Smackdown hate cutting a movie conversation short when we still have things to talk about. This week we have really good, specific, in depth conversations about both our Theatrical Release Review and Theme Review. So we split the podcast up into two episodes. The Theatrical release will still have the games and miscellaneous stuff after it, but the Theme Reviews will now be their own ‘bonus’ content for people who are still interested in having conversations about these great films. Any feedback about our reviews, format, or games is greatly appreciated.

This weeks agenda:

Greetings: Start! – 2:00
John Carter Review: 3:25 – 26:30
John Carter Spoilers!: 26:30 – 32:35
Fun Time (20(1) ?s, Genre sMash): 32:35 – 1:05:30
Misc: 1:05:30 – 1:12:35


“Sergio Leone Western” Once Upon A Time in the West Theme Review

To get the episode just click the link below and download Episode 25:

Cinema Smackdown Episode 25

Sergio Leone’s influence can be felt all over the place. Here, we see another sprawling fairy tale in the country just to the south of the border. Robert Rodriguez shows us what a badass gun fight complete with a silly non-sequitur would look like if Leone really let loose instead of being the master of control he is:

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Next time we will be reviewing the Immature 21 Jump Street as well as “Death Match” Theme Review Silent House vs The Woman in Black.

Thanks for enjoying!

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