(Episode 30 of) Cinema Smackdown!

Cinema Smackdown 30: The Cabin in the Woods/The Bridge over the River Kwai
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

The Cabin in the Woods has a lot of twists and turns. Without giving any away, one of the nice elements is that somewhere in the movie, there is a real ‘magic’ or ‘occult’ feel. For another movie that meshes technology with magic, check out The Prestige. Fueled by the real life rivalry of Edison and Tesla while using a group of magicians in the foreground, The Nolan’s once again deliver a mesmerizing movie scene:

We aren’t QUITE on iTunes yet, but we thank you for your patience as we get things figured out and settled in. You can now download the episode right here by right-clicking on the links. Just another way to get our opinions shoved down your throats even faster. Yippee!

Download Episode 30 – The Cabin in the Woods. This week’s agenda:

Greetings: Start! – 1:15
The Cabin in the Woods Review: 1:15 – 10:30
The Cabin in the Woods Spoilers!: 10:30 – 36:00
Fun Time (20(1) ?s, Genre sMash): 36:00 – 1:10:00
Misc: 1:10:00 – 1:28:05


“War Movie” The Bridge Over the River Kwai Review

To get any of our previous episodes, visit our archives on SkyDrive and just download whichever ones are missing from your collection so your iPod doesn’t feel lonely:

Cinema Smackdown Episodes 1-25

The Bridge Over the River Kwai FEELS like an old movie. Characters deliver grand monologues and argue about the bigger questions of life. For one of the best movies that highlights classic filmmaking check out Network. A powerful movie that will have you wanting to go to the window and shout out…

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Thanks for enjoying!

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