(Episode 31 of) Cinema Smackdown!

Cinema Smackdown 31: Lockout/The Alamo
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

Lockout. Man goes into (space) prison to save President (‘s daughter). I’m not passing up this connection clip to Escape from New York from one of my favorite directors of all time, John Carpenter. Snake is an Ultimate Badass.Here’s a short sample of one of the many reasons why:

We aren’t QUITE on iTunes yet, but we thank you for your patience as we get things figured out and settled in. You can now download the episode right here by right-clicking on the links. Just another way to get our opinions shoved down your throats even faster. Yippee!

Download Episode 31 – Lockout. This week’s agenda:

Greetings: Start! – 1:10
Lockout Review: 1:10 – 17:00
Lockout Spoilers!: 17:00 – 44:00
Fun Time (20(1) ?s, Genre sMash): 44:00 – 1:16:20
Misc: 1:16:20 – 1:22:45


“War Movie” The Alamo Review

To get any of our previous episodes, visit our archives on SkyDrive and just download whichever ones are missing from your collection so your iPod doesn’t feel lonely:

Cinema Smackdown Episodes 1-25

When thinking of The Alamo, two men come to mind. John Wayne… and Peewee Herman. The usually upbeat Peewee shows a bit of his grumpier side during this tour. Of course, things don’t quite go his way and his Big Adventure goes on…

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Thanks for enjoying!

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