(Addictedly Speaking) Top 5 Movies I Could Watch Everyday No Matter What

Top 5 Movies I Could Watch Everyday No Matter What
By Bret Dorman

“If only you could see, what I’ve seen, with your eyes.” Blade Runner

Movies come in all shapes, sizes, and genres. It would be silly for every movie to be the same. Variety is essential for the collective cinematic consciousness. That’s the way I feel about my movie watching habits. Some movies I watch to study and learn from. Some movies I watch simply because they are on TV. Some movies I found entertaining years ago and some I find boring to this day. And some movies I love so much that I could watch them every single day and never get tired of them.

I don’t feel all of these different movies belong in their mutually exclusive categories. But not every single movie needs to cross over. For instance I’ve often said Taxi Driver is one of the best movies ever made. Period. But I get too emotionally invested when I watch it and if I watched it too many times in a row it starts to take away some of the personal elements of the film. Taxi Driver must be experienced.

Rewatchability. That’s what I’m talking about today. What makes a movie so gosh darn rewatchable? For starters all of my Top 5 are pretty quickly paced. They all include some sort of sense of humor. And they all include very unique approaches to their storytelling. But most of all, they are all very personal. My most rewatchable movies do not necessarily have to be everyone’s most rewatchable movies, but they are mine. And I like them. A lot.

5) Sin City

“Dwight, you fool… you damn fool…” (RIP Murphy)

Sin City is the slowest paced and longest movie on my list. But because of its anthology style structure and constant supply of supporting actors all churning out great performances; it feels much more manageable. Even though I like the character Hartigan and his story the most (did you know he’s pushing 60 and has a bum ticker?!) I must bow down in awe and respect to Mickey Rourke as Marv. With the face only a mother could love (and half the time covered in band aids) Marv sets out on a simple revenge mission. What makes his revenge mission more rewatchable than others? Simple. Remember that movie Unstoppable? It had Denzel Washington and Chris Pine trying to stop a runaway train. Marv is that train personified. He’s not just a pissed off dude, he’s a human wrecking ball.

Combine that with plenty of good looking ladies, Brittany Murphy being my favorite Sin City girl and tons of cool film noir dialogue and you get a movie that’s hard not to enjoy. I do understand movies are subjective. Art is subjective. So the biggest compliment I can give this movie is that whether you like it or not, it is INARGUABLY badass. Want proof? A child rapist gets his dick blown off with a hand cannon then later gets his reconstructed dick ripped off by the same dude who proceeds to then beat his head to a pulp. Yeah… that’s what I thought.

The part that ALWAYS gets me: Marv’s semi-lunatic fully-suicidal rant about War on the streets. “It’s gonna be blood for blood and by the gallons.” Fuck yeah.

4) The Mask

“It’s party time! P-A-R-T-Y? Because I gotta!”

Looking back on what I’ve done creatively and what I tend to like the most I think the silly, irreverent, 4th wall breaking comedy of the Looney Tunes is probably the first greatest influence on me comedically. But I wouldn’t buy them on DVD. Perhaps I’d watch them if they were on in the background and I could get them on TV or Netflix Instant, but I’m not going out of my way to sit down and enjoy Bugs and the gang. Enter: The Mask. It specifically has all the things I love About Looney Tunes and mixes them up with the “still out to prove something” energy of a younger Jim Carrey.

Hapless but hopeful as Stanley Ipkiss, Carrey is relatable as an unconfident goof who knows what he wants but is too strange and self-conscious to get it. Once he gets the mask however, the movie turns into a living cartoon and his lack of confidence takes a Tasmanian Devil (but ultimately what amounts to a 180 degree) turn and his strangeness grows exponentially. Several scenes exist just to have fun and who doesn’t like having fun? The cops and mobsters aspect adds a good amount of narrative drive to make you root for Ipkiss to win in the end.

The part that ALWAYS gets me: Milo the Dog helping Stanley escape from prison. “Not the CHEESE Milo, the KEYS!”

3) Short Circuit

“Disassemble… dead? Disassemble dead! NO DISASSEMBLE!!!”

I absolutely loved Short Circuit as a kid. So as an adult I was nervous to rewatch it and find out it is terrible. Upon rewatching it I discovered it is NOT terrible! In fact, it is even funnier and smarter than I remember. Victory! So imagine my surprise when I found out most people do treat Short Circuit as a “so bad its good” type movie. What? No. Short Circuit is silly. Yes. But upon a more current viewing it has to be clear everyone involved went exactly for that tone. Everything that’s in the movie is in it because it’s charming, silly, and fun. Much like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Ghostbusters, the premise of Short Circuit is ripe for comedy and it’s exactly what the filmmakers go for.

And yet I still don’t think people give the movie enough credit. Johnny 5’s innocent, fresh, and child-like take on the world around him which is full of red tape procedures and violence is more than endearing. When he learns what disassemble means its both funny and frightening. Everyone is going out of their way to try to hinder, stop, or destroy Johnny 5 when they should be celebrating life in all it’s forms. It’s creative, fun, simple, and sweet. If only more movies had one or all of those elements.

The part that ALWAYS gets me: Johnny 5 dismantling the other 3 SAINT robots and turning them into the 3 Stooges. “Hey Laserlips! Your momma was a snowblower!!!”

2) Die Hard

“Welcome to the party pal!”

Not only is there no better action movie, there is no other movie period that comfortably sits as the quintessential example of its genre. All good action movies since Die Hard can be traced back to it, yet no movie will ever be that again. Sure I love Crank, the Mission: Impossibles or The Raid: Redemption but each of those movies excels at a different kind of action. Die Hard is pure action concentrate. And as someone who never quite grew up from being a boy it appeals to the child-like fascination with good guys and bad guys. And as someone who has grown into an avid movie lover it appeals to the film critic in me.

The part that ALWAYS gets me: (obviously Yippee-Kai-Yay so I’m gonna change it up a bit) Ellis’ sleazy attempt to buddy up to Hans and ‘save the day.’ “Hans… *bubbey*… I’m your white knight.”

1) The Fifth Element

“Super green.”

Easy. The Fifth Element had to be Number 1. Not only is it the movie I could watch every day, it actually saddens me that I don’t. I have seen this movie, no exaggeration, over 100 times. Easy.

Everything about this movie is perfect. I think most people would categorize it as a Sci-Fi. Then action. But to me it’s a comedy the most. Don’t get me wrong the Sci-Fi is unique, refreshing, and still looks amazing and Bruce Willis tears shit up in the last act, but everything all points back to one thing: having a good time.

One thing I like about in movies, specifically this one, is when the movie is made for fans of THAT movie. The Fifth Element is made specifically for fans of The Fifth Element. It doesn’t hold your hand and bore you with unnecessary scenes. Instead it treats every moment, even from the first viewing, as if you’ve already seen it and love it. That is the essence of rewatchability and The Fifth Element does it the best because it is the most unique, quirky, and fun.

The part the ALWAYS gets me: “Leeloo Multipass. Muuullltttiii-(pppaaasssssss)” “YES! She KNOWS it’s a Multipass.” Gets me every. single. time.

It’s hard for me to tell people how much I like movies using a simple tier system. If I say a movie is great it doesn’t really mean a whole lot because I think A LOT of movies are great. Instead I have to write blog posts about them and try to discover new ways of ‘one-upping’ the adjectives I use to describe them. But here it’s all about the numbers. These are the movies I have seen the most and could watch everyday no matter what.

So what do you think? Would you struggle to sit through my choices more than once? What movies do you enjoy on a regular basis? And what part ALWAYS gets you?

If you had to pick one movie to watch every day A Clockwork Orange style what would it be?

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