(Pitching) Robot Unicorn Attack: The Movie: The Outline

Robot Unicorn Attack: The Movie in Outline and Treatment Form
By Bret Dorman

To this date, my serious approach at a Robot Unicorn Attack feature length animated film is one of cinemaPUNCH’s most popular posts. In order to ‘cash in’ on this cow, I’ve decided to write a follow up post.

This follow up post serves a couple purposes:

1) Get more traffic based on what people are looking at the most on my blog.
2) Practice writing Movie Outlines and Treatments.
3) Take this serious approach to its next level.


Last month I turned 26. To me this is a pretty big deal. I’m not in panic mode or anything, but I’ve spent 25 years of my life absorbing movies, about 10 of those years studying them, and about 5 years dissecting them. I’m ready. I’m ready to take that next step of starting to output my own ideas.


It’s a long road to making Robot Unicorn Attack: The Movie the #1 MOVIE IN AMERICA!!! but if Snakes on a Plane can do it, we can too. So strap your boots, belts, and brains… because I’m about to blow your minds. You’re about to enter the magical realm of DINKY LAND, where innocence and hearts are pure. Following my guideline from the original post, I stick pretty closely to the “do-gooders in trouble, create THE ULTIMATE WEAPON, only to loose it to evil, regain it… and realize it can NOT be tamed!”


Outline: RUATM_Outline
Treatment: RUATM_Treatment

Any and all feedback is appreciated. I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts. Creatively speaking, perhaps you think the whole idea is dumb and RUA:TM should be a live action spectacle starring real humans instead of an animated movie? Or maybe you like certain elements I had and want to expand on them? Format-wise, did it make sense? Comment below or send any emails to cinemapunch@yahoo.com

Before I start writing more treatments, outlines, and scripts I’d like to make sure I’m doing it right. Before I start copyrighting work and trying to get paid, I thought I’d have a bit of fun. And before I start putting my own ideas out there, I thought I’d take a pre-existing property and write what is basically movie-nerd fan fiction. Enjoy!

And may all your wishes come true!!!


UPDATE: There are MANY obstacles on our way to become the #1 MOVIE IN AMERICA!!! and of those obstacles, Character Design is a big one. How characters look can greatly impact an audience’s connection with the movie. Luckily, sticking with Rule #3 of the original post, we have a fan so inspired by the Outline he took it upon himself to help us ALL out. I present to you John Park’s fantastic sketches. And be sure to check him out at Crumpled Up Comics and Sad Hulk! I personally vouch for his awesomeness.


JamJam, the lovable goofy sidekick/comic relief.

Missy, the cute and sometimes sexy girlfriend of our main hero.

Poodle-Piss, the evil baddie.

Marionette Minion, the sentient puppet-like henchmen of Poodle-Piss

Razzle, our cool and misunderstood main hero.

RAZZLE DAZZLE, our hero at full potential!!!

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