(Must See Internet) 1 Sketch 100 Movie Titles

Finding good internet comedy is about as likely as finding a good joke on a Laffy Taffy wrapper. Sure every once in a while one comes along, but for the most part its just noble attempts. 

Comedy comes from a natural sense of humor as well as hard work. I can only imagine both of those went into this amazing sketch written by Sean Cooley; performed by Sean Cooley, Molly Jones, and Keith Horvath:

I once had the idea to do this. My brother also tried convincing me it would be a cool idea when he separately had the idea. I toyed with it for seconds at a time, deciding it would just be too much work and I’m not sure how cohesive a ‘story’ I could make. So I must bow down to the impressive skillz on display here. Every movie fan should watch this and giggle with joy. Yes, giggle. Perhaps even guffaw. I know I did.

For more comedy nuggets follow @seancooley on twitter. Be prepared for more giggling.

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