(Episode 102 of) Cinema Smackdown – Fast & Furious 6

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

The higher the RPMs the lower the IQs, Fast 6 proves that dumb fun really is dumb! Is it wrong we expect more from our summer blockbusters about muscle bound motor heads or does the fact this movie has cars vs a tank let it get away with anything else?

Download Episode 102 – Fast & Furious 6.

One of the arguments is that Fast 6 and the newer action car chases don’t have the cool sense of rhythm older car chases had. Case in point: Ronin, one of the widely recognized great car chase action flicks. Here’s a sample:

Next Episode will be Now You See Me!

Thanks for listening!

2 responses to “(Episode 102 of) Cinema Smackdown – Fast & Furious 6

  1. If you have not seen the entire Fast and Furious series then you are missing a lot. Fast 6 is a lot better if your able to understand what it is actually doing. As far as car chases go, are you upset about the tank v. car part? Its far fetched but its cool, and you just gotta get into the crazy action that’s going because there is more to that scene than the car chase itself.

  2. I would suggest listening to the episode. In it we go over our thoughts on the franchise and exactly what bothered us. Crazy action is great, but not when it’s shot in close ups and shaky cam and fast editing. Listen to the episode for our full thoughts on the subject/franchise.

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