(Episode 108 of) Cinema Smackdown – Pacific Rim

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

Can a movie survive solely on its ludicrous premise? The debate is on as Bret and Kate take a look at Pacific Rim. Luckily for the humans, they have Guillermo del Toro on their side to make sure things get fleshed out. Unlucky for the humans, del Toro is also a huge fan of kaiju, and the monsters NEVER take it easy on the humans! Who wins? The answer may be obvious… but how much fun is had on the way?

Download Episode 108 – Pacific Rim.

This isn’t the first time a giant monster and giant robot have fought on screen. Godzilla, King of the Monsters, has faced many enemies. But perhaps none more dangerous than Mecha-Godzilla, superior to the real deal in every way! If Godzilla is going to win, he’s going to have to do some serious kaiju soul searching and discover what a real monster is all about! Here’s a sample:

Next Episode will be The Conjuring!

Thanks for listening!

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