(Episode 110 of) Cinema Smackdown – The Wolverine

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

Even though X-Men is plural there is undisputedly one X-Man to rule all the X-Mans! And that mutant is none other than Wolverine. He’s ‘the badboy’ of the group who is always willing to do the right thing with just the right amount of grimacing. He’s a man of many nick names, many styles, and many powers, but there’s one thing that’s always been the same, cinematically speaking, and that is Hugh Jackman. Can Hugh save a franchise that successfully retcon-rebooted into a paradoxal time travel scenario? Bret and Kate argue about the build ups and payoffs as Wolverine goes solo to Japan and slashes his way to badass immortality.

Download Episode 110 – The Wolverine.

Did you love The Wolverine? Or maybe hate it? Either way, you need MORE non-origin mutants in Asia movies to fix your jonesing/get that bad taste out of your mouth. But, such a specific ‘genre’ you might say to us. Well, we’re here to help. Push has everything you want! Cool style! Unique mutant lingo! Creative world building! CHRIS EVANS!!! Here’s a sample:

Next Episode will be 2 Guns!

Thanks for listening!

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