(Episode 111 of) Cinema Smackdown – Kick Ass 2

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

Some movies are so good the fans demand a sequel. While Kick Ass was ripe for a second go around, what with its wacky side characters and spoofy vibe, one can’t help but wonder if some cult-ish classics don’t pick up steam for a reason. Here, Bret and Kate argue the merits of good movies getting sequels and how well they turn out. Nothing here in Kick Ass 2 is quite as good as its predecessor, but there’s definitely entertainment in the situations and sarcasm. Plus, Jim Carrey might be anti-violence now, but let’s hope he never turns anti-doing-awesome-work-in-minor-roles.

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We here at cinemaPUNCH love to plug one of our heroes: CHRIS EVANS!!! Check him out in Losers, another comic book movie where the heroes are all smart-asses and the movie tries to outdo itself and stay a step ahead of the game. Lucky, there’s plenty of fun with the characters, adding a goofy sense of style all throughout. Here’s a sample:

Next Episode will be Elysium!

Thanks for listening!

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