(Episode 114 of) Cinema Smackdown – The World’s End

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

The end of the world can be a very serious subject. Luckily, under the vision of Edgar Wright, its a hilarious visual feast that still manages to tug at the ol’ heart strings every once in a while. Bret and Kate, both fans of the Wright, Pegg, & Frost Cornetto Trilogy, discuss exactly how the comedy works this time around and how Wright seems to have a flair for creative montages and tender moments.

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Drinking and drug taking can lead to some crazy situations. In film, sometimes those situations are highly exaggerated or lead to depressing cautionary tales. It’s hard to find movies that both celebrate the debauchery, taking the party to its utmost limits, while not encouraging others to do it. Enter: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Based on Hunter S. Thompson’s life, the movie is filled with top notch acting, visual mayhem, and some very quotable moments. Here’s a sample:

Next Episode will be Insidious 2!

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