(Epsiode 113 of) Cinema Smackdown – Riddick

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

Riddick may be a badass in the books and he may have a good video game under his belt, but movie star he is not. In yet another attempt to make Riddick a ‘thing,’ Vin Diesel huffs and gruffs his way through 30 minutes of solo screen time, some hitmen (and woman!), as well as some alien things. Bret and Kate tackle the difficulties of trying to make a badguy a main character and how Riddick softens up its anti-hero even though he specifically states he needs to be more savage.

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Riddick may be stuck on a desert world wasteland with just a dog (type thing), but there’s another movie that features a badass anti-hero with a canine sidekick who fights for himself, yet learns the importance of helping others. We’re tlaking Mad Max in The Road Warrior. Here’s a sample:

Next Episode will be The World’s End!

Thanks for listening!

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