(Special Episode of) Cinema Smackdown – Summer Spectaculare

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

Sadly, summer has ended. Fortunately, as the summer spectacles hit DVD, we here at Cinema Smackdown have a recap of the best and worst of the Summer Blockbuster Season of 2013!!! Listen to us dish it out on:

Best/Worst Overall
Best/Worst Hero
Best/Worst Villain
Biggest Surprise/Letdown


Hopefully your favorite films made the ‘Nice’ list, while some of the duds were punished on the ‘Naughty’ one.

Download Episode XXX – Summer Special or visit us on iTunes for easier access!

Check out this SUPER TRAILER of all Summer ’13 flicks, from Screen Rant:

Stay tuned for more!

Thanks for listening!

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