(Episode 119 of) Cinema Smackdown – The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson and Adrian Cabezas

The Hobbit 2 dares to take us on the same exact adventure of the first movie. Only this time the dwarf clan actually gets to confront their titular enemy. Kate, Adrian, and Bret also confront each other on character hierarchy, likeability, and motivations. Plus we discuss set pieces and movie adaptation expansion. Plus how do you properly end a movie that you know you are going to make a sequel for and properly set up the continuation while still delivering a satisfying end for that viewing?

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Smaug is an entirely CGI creature that has to be a threat to the characters through physical imposition. The dwarf team does a good job at distracting and bashing the giant monster and standing their ground. We also mention Godzilla, The King of the Monsters. In 1998 America nearly ruined the Kaiju’s reputation for domestic audiences, but luckily the new trailer for the 2014 re-imagining confirms worried fans’ faith that we will indeed get another badass giant lizard-y antagonist. Here’s the trailer:

Next Episode will be 47 Ronin?!

Thanks for listening!

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