(Reactions and Roasts) 86th Annual Academy Awards Show

The Oscars
As interpreted by Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

If there is one thing film buffs love to do, it’s prove their superiority over other film buffs. Which makes the Oscars prime betting material. Cinema Smackdown co-hosts Kate Peterson and myself, Bret Dorman, took this opportunity to make a safe, friendly bet. Whoever picks the most Oscar winners gets to pick ANY movie to review on the podcast. Any. Single. Movie.

But first, instead of doing the normal “live tweeting” thing and risk breaking twitter (which did apparently happen) we decided to just chat on Facebook and put up a “best of” highlight reel on the blog.

We started on the red carpet:


Although we didn’t really address all the dresses. However, a certain celeb took a tumble which begs the question, if a celebrity takes a fall on the red carpet and no one is around to point it out over and over and over and over and over; did it really happen?


As the awards started we came strong out the gate:


We discussed the thanklessness and hopelessness of hosting duties in between wins:



(Presenting couple = Bill Murray + Amy Adams)

We discussed a bit of strategy and movies tastes:



(Anytime I saw Will Forte in a Nebraska clip I gave him a shout out! WILL FORTE!!!)

Philip Seymour Hoffman is from my hometown and my brother and I would always rank him as one of the best actrs alive, and of all time (as many people would and should). However, I remain traditionally robotically heartless on this subject:


My mom pointed out a connection between supporting actor/actress and then there was more pizza bit:


Reminder GODZILLA is the King of the Candy Bars and comes out May 16th:


Also Chris Evans is always cool:


Kate hates things getting done that aren’t Kate’s way of doing things (Frozen performance):


A crappy movie gets a shout out as well:


Nearing the end. Cate Blanchett won. Well deserved:20140303-133206.jpg

The Final Score:

Bret – 15/24
Kate – 12/24

I get to pick ANY movie…


I try to go to this 24 Hour Horror Movie Marathon every year in October in Chicago. This past year I saw a Dario Argento movie by the name Deep Red. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It is a movie that tickles my giblets in every way and is a true masterpiece of not just Italian Giallo Horror, but of ALL cinema:


And if you don’t believe me check out Deep Red free on youtube!

How many predictions did you get right? What did you agree with? What would you have changed? How much would you have put in for pizza? What is your John Travolta name?

Thanks for checking out Cinema Punch. Follow us on Facebook, Bret on twitter, Kate on twitter, and the Official Podcast of Cinema Punch, Cinema Smackdown on iTunes!!! Thanks everyone! You ALL win Oscars in our books!

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