(Episode 121 of) Cinema Smackdown – 300: Rise of an Empire

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

This week, Kate and Bret go to war over the newest installment in what we dare say is the emerging 300 Franchise? The movie has bloody fantastic action scenes, but does the fat around the meat get to be a little too much? It definitely is a step down in some aspects, but we both agree that Eva Green gives a tour de force performance as legit badass Artemisia, the eye-shadow wearing, leather clad, dual sword wielding, dead head kissing, action figure posing, sexy bad guy that gives our more mainstream hero a run for his freedom.

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When it comes to crazy action movie roles, the creme de la creme may very well be the perfect performances as The Supreme Being. We’re talking Milla Jovivich as Leeloo. It’s hard to tell where the acting ends and the role takes over. Could every little mannerism, syllable, twitch, and movement be a carefully constructed understanding of what looks cool, or is it simply total hypnotic acting and a blend of natural charm and sci-fi weirdness? Either way, it’s hard for anyone not to fall in ‘fifth element’ with Leeloo. Take a look:

Next Episode will be Need For Speed!

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