(A Very Giallo Episode of) Cinema Smackdown – Deep Red

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

This week, Kate and Bret settle up the score on their Oscar Showdown Bet! Bret edged out a victory and was able to pick any one movie in the whole wide world, so naturally he picked the craziest most awesomely entertaining 70’s Italian Horror Movie that’s been the most recent movie to join his favorite films of all time! If you don’t know the giallo genre, check it out here for FREE, and expect cool characters, crazy plot twists, unflinchingly violent kills, and a soundtrack that really rocks. If you are familiar, then why not listen in and hear the praise we have for the undisputed masterpiece!

Download Episode Giallo – Deep Red or go to iTunes to subscribe and listen!

We discuss the influences Deep Red must have had on some of our favorite filmmakers and a quick google search for “Tarantino Deep Red” pulled up this awesome montage. Take a look:

Our next special episode challenge will be be announced later this summer!

Thanks for listening!

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