(Episode 123 of) Cinema Smackdown – Muppets Most Wanted

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

This week, Kate and Bret ditch the nostalgia to praise the goofier side of The Muppets! We discuss cameos and the art of playing with genre formula. Because The Muppets are icons and overly dissecting jokes leads to their death, we mostly just lay praise on the new Muppet movie and how it uses cheesy fun as a base and the entire movie isn’t meant to be a constant string of top notch punchlines. PLUS ALL THOSE CAMEOS!!!

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The Cameo is an honored cinematic tradition that mostly relies on the viewer to bring in a pre-existing knowledge of the actor making the appearance. Good movies will also utilize those actors to heighten the scene. Coneheads is an SNL movie that I believe is tied for first place with most former-SNL alumni cameos as well as tons of other great comedic actors. The comedic scene of the time is perfectly captured in this mostly silly comedy. The trailer provides the best small dose intake of the amount of cameos and minor roles played by cool people. Take a look:

Next Episode will most likely be a very heated discussion of Noah!

Thanks for listening!

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