(Episode 125 of) Cinema Smackdown – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

This week, Kate and Bret discuss Marvel movies in general and Captain America in specifics. Is it possible that Captain America has too much of a good thing? Listen to Bret backlash against some of the super high praise (not the movie) while laying on some of his own. Kate and Bret both go gaga for Marvel’s casting save for maybe one actor, or rather character. Either way, we both highly recommend this movie as action fans and for one of us, it’s their new favorite Marvel movie! Wow! Thanks for listening!

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We had so much to say here’s an extra SPOILERS! filled section! Woah! Check it out if you’ve seen the movie!

Robert Redford is no stranger to spy movies. In Three Days of the Condor, Redford plays an analyst thrust into an escalated situation for maybe discovering a secret he does not know about. Forced to take action, he must hold an innocent person hostage while he figures out who he can trust. In the end, perhaps he must rely on the people he leasts expects? There are tons of spy flicks that try to replicate a feeling of 70’s retro nostalgia and this is one movie they draw on for inspiration. Take a look:

Next Episode will most likely be The Raid 2!

Thanks for listening!

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