(Episode 126 of) Cinema Smackdown – The Raid 2

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

This week, Kate and Bret discuss ultra violence, lightning fast martial arts choreography, and storytelling 101 all via The Raid 2. Where as the first movie, an instant cult classic of brutal proportions, was a rather small and intimately basic story the sequel expands on every level. Gareth Evans and his crew don’t know the meaning of the term “holding back” and for it we love them. The Raid 2, regardless of any other aspect (which may be good or bad for the movie) boasts of some of the most impressive action scenes put on the big screen! Wow! Thanks for listening!

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Bret put Man of Tai Chi at #9 on his Top Ten of last year. Kate watched and agreed it was amazing. Keanu Reeves stars as the badguy in his directorial debut, a more classical martial arts genre flick. Tiger Chen stars as a man who tries to turn Tai Chi into a legit competitive martial art and ends up being corrupted by his quest for power. The Raid star and co-choreographer Iko Uwais has a minor cameo role. Take a look:

Next Episode will most likely be Brick Mansions!

Thanks for listening!

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