(Episode 129 of) Cinema Smackdown – Hunger Games and Under the Skin

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

This week, Kate and Bret discuss story pacing, what makes a genre movie good, and actor talents put to good use and bad. First we talk about Hunger Games where Jennifer Lawrence leads a good cast into boring muck where nothing happens. Both Kate and Bret agree this movie is a snoozefest! Then we move into a deeper discussion discussion. Is Under the Skin’s interesting themes and visuals hurt by its pacing or is even the pacing up for subjective discussion? Either way there’s tons to talk about with this film. Thanks for listening!

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What does it mean to be human? In Hunger Games, Katniss is pulled from many sides and expected to act a certain way in certain situations. She is never free to be herself. But then again, who is KATNISS? In Under the Skin, Scarlet Johansson’s character is an alien luring men in with her female human body. But the more she gets comfortable in her new body the more she becomes confused by new feelings and thoughts. Similarly, John Carpenter’s The Thing has men isolated and alone, yet any one of them could be an alien being underneath. Here’s a scene:

Next Episode will most likely be Exodus: Gods and Kings and The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies!

Thanks for listening!

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