(Special Episodes of) Cinema Smackdown – Top10/Bottom5 of 2014

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

This week, Kate and Bret discuss their favorite and least favorite of 2014. We didn’t get a chance to see absolutely everything but we are confident in our picks as our favorites. If yours made the list tell us why we are great! If yours didn’t make the list then tell us why it made yours! We love *discussing* movies more than we love *talking about* them. Thanks for listening!

Download Top Ten of 2014 and Bottom Five of 2014 or go to iTunes to subscribe and listen!

Movies. MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES! We love movies. All the movies. The good ones. The bad ones. Every single movie. Nick Bosworth created a pretty great montage of most all the movies from 2014. If you like movies, you will like this movies made up of clips from other movies:

Thanks for listening!

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