(Episode 130 of) Cinema Smackdown – Jupiter Ascending and Predestination

Cinema Smackdown
By Bret Dorman and Kate Peterson

This week, Kate and Bret discuss original sci-fi movies and whether or not huge blockbusters are always the way to go. First up is Jupiter Ascending, the newest film by The Wachowskis. As fans of The Matrix Trilogy, Bret and Kate discuss recent Wachowski projects and whether or not letting the duo have full control is always a good thing. After that is Predestination, a smaller but equally ambitious time travel movie featuring tons and tons of twists and turns, where pacing becomes crucial, slowing things down to establish world building and tone, then ramping things up to overwhelm with plot and action. Either way, for better or worse, long live sci-fi! Thanks for listening!

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Is bigger always better? It seems with sci-fi, sometimes trying to answer the “big” questions can lead to big messes. One good way to keep the movie grounded is to combine it with another genre. One of the most interesting duos is always the sci-fi/film noir mash up. Tentpole sci-fi films like The Matrix to Blade Runner feature heavy noir elements, but one of the best examples has to be Dark City. Big ideas on a very mysterious, intimate level. Here’s a scene:

Next Episode will most likely feature Kingsman: The Secret Servince!

Thanks for listening!

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