How to Like Movies

First, I was going to call this page ‘How to Watch Movies”, but that seems condescending, if not stupid. Step 1) Open Eyes. Step 2) Look at Screen. Step 3) (optional) Eat Popcorn.

Then, I was going to call this page “How I Watch Movies”. Because I like a lot of movies and feel that there is a certain way to watch certain movies. But that doesn’t sound gimmicky enough. And let’s face it, we are all in this to make money.

So, this page is called “How to Like Movies”. Why? A lot of people say “Nothing good comes out anymore.” or “Old/indie movies are boring.” or “Mr and Mrs Smith??? How can you like that hollywood crap?”

Now, I will be the first to admit I don’t know squat about movies. I wish I knew more, I wish I have seen more, I wish I made more… but I try to shoot for 1 a day and I try to read as much about them as I can, listen to as many commentaries as I can, and get as much experience on set as I can. I am doing my best to do my best. I am constantly learning and evolving in my movie watching.

So… How can you like more movies? Simple.

Judge every movie differently. Many people think a good movie is one certain type of movie.  If you think every movie should say something about life, politics, religion, or change the world, you won’t like many movies. If you think every movie should have at least 10 explosions, you’ll like some movies, but not a wide variety.

If you think every movie should be a critically acclaimed and box office hit with a space alien that is out for revenge and a group of scientists must train a secret group of spy soldiers to uncover a secret treasure of mystical proportions and have a female protagonist who hates the male protagonist but they end up falling in love and their child is the star of the critically panned but box office smash sequel… then you will like 1 movie. But I haven’t made it yet (or directed the sequel… which is why the critics won’t like it.)

The point is, not all movies are the same. But every movie does do one thing. It promises something. Mostly, you can tell by the previews, genre, or franchise history what it will promise… if a movie promises a sad, depressing story and that movie makes you cry because it is sad and depressing… then it is a good movie. If a movie promises a silly plot and goofy gimmicks and you find yourself laughing through most of it… then it is a good movie.

Now… based on this school of though, one of the best movies ever created… in my opinion is… Freddy Vs Jason.

What the movie promises: Sex, nudity, drugs, swearing, lots and lots of violence.

What the movie delivers: Sex, nudity, drugs, swearing, and lots of lots of really well done fight scenes and kill scenes.

So the movie, at least to my standards, is a huge success.

Everybody watches movies for different reasons and everybody likes different movies. There is no right and wrong (despite what some claim). I am gonna try my best to share what I know and see with the film universe and hopefully get something back.

Enjoy the reviews. Enjoy the discussions. Enjoy the movies.

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